<tc>Witty extends the battery lifetime of electronic devices</tc>

Witty, thanks to ASO technology, doubles the life of device's battery from 1 year and 9 months up to 4 years.

Witty is compatible with any portable device that charges via USB type A such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches. Furthermore there are no operating system limitation.

Your company joins the Green revolution

Genera dei KPI ecosostenibili per la tua azienda

di seguito un attestato a scopo esemplificativo in cui viene riportato il caso dell'azienda trasporti&co. che ha finalizzato l'acquisto di 1000 unità di dispositivi aziendali

Gift to employees

Finally, the battery of your employees' electrical devices will be performing well into the evening.
In addition, companies that use non-monetary rewards and recognition to motivate employees experience year-over-year increases in turnover of up to 9.6 %.


The main cause of problems in company devices is related to the state of health of the battery. Thanks to Witty reduce maintenance of your company devices by 61%.

Retain your customers

74% of companies use non-monetary options to offer rewards and recognition to their key stakeholders.

Witty is designed to be useful in everyone's daily life, including your customers.

Which do you prefer?

Ability to customize the device and the packaging to make your Witty even more unique.re.

  • Opzione A

    Witty con logo + packaging non personalizzato

  • Opzione B

    Witty con logo + packaging personalizzato con logo

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More than 1,000 companies have already chosen Witty as their corporate gadget

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