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Witty | Type C

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Witty doubles the battery life of your smartphone by disconnecting it from the charge once it reaches 100%.

Witty type C is compatible with any portable device that is recharged via USB type C such as tablet, smartwatch, headphone, Bluetooth speakers or smartphone. It is compatible with power supplies up to 65W but the charge will be limited to USB standard of 4A.

Also compatible with all USB chargers of Digital SLRs and light panels (e.g. Neewer & Moman).

Witty is a product Made in Italy, prototyped and developed by a team of engineers in the laboratories of the University of Rome "La Sapienza".

How does it work?
Just insert it between the charger and the charging cable of your device. By pressing the power button, Witty will take care of your battery.

l=4.5 cm
h=2.2 cm
p=3 cm

Witty type C consists of Witty type A + 2 adapters (A/C and C/A)

Witty C | Witty Black C

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    TYPE A? Click here

    * Product compatible with iPhone 13, Samsung S21/S22, OnePlus 9 Pro, etc. (version sold 11/12/21 onwards)

    ** Attention, Witty charges one device at a time. If you use a wireless base that can charge multiple devices, Witty will not be able to understand when the device is charged

    *** Attention, Witty may not be compatible with wireless charging bases equipped with LED

    **** Attention, Witty is not compatible with Laptops, Notebooks and Ultrabooks