1. Does the phone already have an end-of-charge control chip?

Yes, for safety reasons every device that has a lithium battery must have a charge regulator to protect the battery from a voltage higher than 4.5V, but this regulator does not disconnect the battery from the end-of-charge voltage of 4.35 V.


  1. Does my smartphone stop charging when it reaches 100%?

Modern smartphones have optimized charge management but do not disconnect it once charged. The battery continues to be connected to the end-of-charge voltage (4.35 V) even after reaching 100%. It is as if after inflating a balloon you continue to keep it under pressure to ensure that it does not deflate.


  1. Why do batteries become less efficient after a few months of purchase?

The main cause is poor charging management. Even after reaching 100% the battery remains at the end of the charge voltage (4.35V) and this leads to a significant decrease in discharge cycles, from 500 to 150. Furthermore, it is strongly not recommended to use the device while it is in charge.


  1. Once the battery is charged Witty automatically disconnects the power supply. Does it stay off until I unplug and plug my devices back in, or turn on again?

Witty remains off after disconnecting the device from the power and does not turn on again until the power button is pressed.


  1. Can it happen that in the morning I find the smartphone at a percentage below 100%?

Yes, but only if the battery is already very worn. Worn lithium batteries tend to have a slight voltage drop after they are charged and this is read as less than 100% charge percentage.


  1. Does Witty work with fast charging?

Yes, but the charge won't be fast. Witty's goal is to preserve the battery and the heat generated by fast charging deteriorates its capacity more than a slow and controlled charge. It is recommended to use the fast charge during the day to enjoy its rapid charge and to use Witty during the night to preserve the battery thanks to a slow and controlled recharge.


  1. Does Witty work with wireless charging pads?

Yes, Witty still manages to tell when the battery is charged.


  1. When should the power button be pressed?

The button must be pressed when Witty is inserted into the USB charger and connected to the socket. It is recommended to press the button after the mobile phone has been connected to the cable. Once pressed, Witty will start charging the device.



  1. Can Witty be used for different devices?

Yes, but not at the same time. Witty can be used with all devices that recharge via USB type A.


  1. Does Witty work with the new Type-C chargers?

You can continue to use Witty by using an adapter that converts USB Type C to Type A.


  1. Can I use Witty on other devices besides the smartphone?

Yes, Witty works with all devices that charge via USB Type A, such as cameras, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, tablets, etc.