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Using fast charging or a charge higher than 2,400mA causes overheating and excessive stress on the lithium-ion cells.

Consequently, the ideal way to ensure that your smartphone battery does not wear out prematurely is to charge it slowly and carefully.

At Witty, we therefore only recommend fast charging during the day if you need a boost of energy, and using Witty at night to enjoy a slow and controlled charge.


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This way you can enjoy a high-performance battery without having to recharge it every day.

<tc>Do not use when charging</tc>

Temperature also plays an important role in the wear and tear on your battery.
A cold temperature quickly lowers tension while heat increases it. Keeping lithium ions at a voltage above 4.10V/cell and at a high temperature causes rapid oxidation of the electrodes.

Various tests show that the combination of heat and high voltage can stress the lithium ion even more than a deep charge cycle (e.g. a charge from 2% to 100%).

Although it is not possible to change the charging voltage set by the manufacturer, it would be advisable to avoid using the device during the charging phase in order not to further increase the temperature of the battery.

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<tc>Charge up to 80%</tc>

The strategy of charging up to 80% charge is correct because, by preventing the battery from being charged to its maximum voltage, its life is significantly extended. The voltage increases as the percentage of charge increases. At 80%, a voltage of approximately 4.15/4.20V is applied, until it reaches a value of 4.35V at 100%. However, partially charging the smartphone results in a lower runtime, and consumers with busy lives may suffer.

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The optimal solution for those who want to have a 100% performing device is to disconnect the battery from its maximum permitted voltage when the battery is charged, limiting its exposure for an extended period of time. The end-of-charge controller 'should' disconnect the cell from the voltage, causing it to begin its discharge cycle. That is where Witty comes into play. 

It's like relaxing your muscles after strenuous exercise.

<tc>No less than 25%</tc>

We recommend recharging your device before the remaining battery capacity drops below 25%.

Repeatedly discharging the battery at a voltage close to the under-discharge limit causes rapid deterioration of the internal electrodes, reducing their capacity and thus their life.

In addition, partial recharging cycles extend the life of the battery.

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Airplane mode

Charging your device in airplane mode, i.e. disconnecting it from the mobile network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, will make your smartphone charge faster.

Not only does the phone charge faster in airplane mode, it also saves the energy it would consume to keep all the apps that use data connection active in the background (Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram above all). By not working, they prevent the phone from 'wasting' valuable energy when charging.

In addition, radiation from smartphones left charging during sleeping hours can cause nightmares, prevent us from falling asleep easily and wake us up several times each night. The reason? An alteration in the self-regulation system of certain processes, such as our biological clock or circadian rhythms.

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Witty doubles the life of your battery.

Witty helps you charge your smartphone correctly. By following our guide and using our device correctly, you will be able to enjoy your phone's battery and double its life