<transcy>Not So Smart</transcy>

Our Smartphones aren’t that smart in the end

Does my smartphone disconnect the battery from the power when it’s fully charged?

how the batteries in our smartphones work

<transcy>Why are manufacturing companies not interested in making batteries last?</transcy>

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<transcy>Double the lifespan.</transcy>

Apple recommends to replace the battery at an authorized center when it reaches around 80% of its useful life. This replacement takes place generally within the first year and 9 months from the purchase of the device.

During night, when left charging, the device keeps the battery at tension long after it has reached 100% in order to preserve it fully charged until the morning. This condition produces an excessive stress in the lithium-ion cells of the battery.

Thanks to ASO (Automatic Shut Off) Witty is able to recognize energy required by the device and disconnect it from the power when its energy need has been fulfilled.

By using Witty you can double the lifespan of a battery to almost 4 years from its purchase.

La Tecnologia ASO

come caricare lo smartphone?

<transcy>Not So Smart</transcy>

In order to show that our smartphones arem't that smart , a laboratory test was performed in which we analyze how a latest generation smartphone manages the battery charge phase.

In the video you can see how the smartphone’s battery is set at 4.35V tension even after it has reached 100%.

We also then show how the device is disconnected from power thanks to Witty.

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