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<transcy>Does my smartphone disconnect the battery from the power supply at the end of charging?</transcy>

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On its website, Apple recommends visiting an authorised centre to replace the battery when it has a life of around 80%. This replacement takes place on average 1 year and 9 months after the purchase of the device.

After reaching 100% charge the current flow to the battery is interrupted. However, the battery is then maintained at its end-of-charge voltage to ensure that it does not discharge overnight, producing excessive stress on the lithium-ion cell electrodes.

Witty uses ASO (Automatic Shut Off) technology to detect when the battery is fully charged and disconnect the device from the mains accordingly.

Using Witty will double the life of the battery to almost 4 years after the initial purchase.

<transcy>ASO Technology</transcy>

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To prove that our smartphones are not so smart, a lab test was carried out to analyse how a latest-generation smartphone handles battery charging.

In the video test, you can see how the smartphone keeps the battery at its end-of-charge voltage of 4.35V even though it already reached 100% some time earlier.

Later, it is shown that the device is only disconnected from the mains when fully charged thanks to Witty.

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