Witty does not turn off when the charge is completed

If Witty does not turn off once the charge is completed, the device is still absorbing much energy. This may also occur when the charged phone is off.

  1. Try closing all the apps that are not being used as these can draw energy in the background;
  2. For Android devices, try optimizing the app consumption;
  3. For Apple devices, try activating the “Low power mode” function;
  4. If the charged device is off, try activating the flight mode;
  5. If the charged device is on, but the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data are on too, and it is not strictly necessary to use them, try disabling them;
  6. As last resort, you can recalibrate your smartphone battery. Discharge the battery down to 0% and then fully charge it up to 100% (without using Witty).

If Witty is still not working, you can use our Live Chat or contact one of our Witty Experts via e-mail.

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