Day and night

Using fast charging or applying a load above 2,400mA causes overheating and excessive stress on the lithium-ion cells.

A slow, controlled charge is instead ideal to avoid premature wear of your smartphone battery.

Indeed, we only recommend to apply fast charging during the day if you need a power boost, and use Witty at night to ensure slow and controlled charging.

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This way, you can benefit from a high-performance battery and avoid repeated charging during the day.

Do not use it when charging

Temperature also significantly affects the wear and tear of your battery.

Cold temperatures quickly lower the voltage while the heat increases it. If lithium ions are kept at a voltage above 4.10V/cell and at a high temperature, the electrodes are exposed to rapid oxidation.

Various tests show how the combination of heat and high voltage can stress lithium ions even more than a deep charge cycle (e.g., from 2% to 100% charge).

Although it is not possible to change the charging voltage set by the manufacturer, using a device while it is charging would lead to a further increase of the battery temperature and should thus be avoided.

Charge up to 80%

Charging the battery to 80% instead of its maximum voltage is the optimal choice to extend the battery lifetime. The voltage increases along with the charge percentage; in fact, at a charge of 80%, a voltage of about 4.15/4.20V is applied, until it reaches 4.35V when the charge is at 100%. However, partially charging the smartphone results in a shorter daily runtime of the battery, which is not ideal for the consumer.

The optimal solution to get a 100% performing device is to disconnect the battery from its maximum allowable voltage when the charge is fully completed, limiting its exposure for an extended period of time. The end-of-charge controller “should” disconnect the cell from voltage thus letting its discharge cycle begin. This is when Witty comes into play.

It's like relaxing your muscles after an intense workout.

Not below 25%

We recommend that your device is charged before its battery percentage drops below 25%.

Repeatedly discharging the battery and bringing its voltage close to the under-discharge limit causes rapid deterioration of the internal electrodes, reducing their capacity and thus their service life.

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Airplane Mode

Charging your device in airplane mode, that is, disconnecting it from the mobile network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, ensures a faster charge of your smartphone.

But the advantage is twofold: the phone charges faster and at the same time, the energy
that would otherwise be consumed to keep all the apps that require data connection (Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram above all)  running in the background is saved. This prevents the phone from "wasting" valuable energy while charging.

Also, radiation from smartphones that are charged overnight can cause nightmares, difficulty in sleeping and frequent awakenings. What is the reason for that? An alteration in the self-regulation system of certain processes, such as, for example, our biological clock or circadian rhythms.

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Witty doubles your battery lifetime

Witty helps you charge your smartphone properly. Follow our guide, start using your device correctly and benefit from a longer battery lifetime.

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