The solution for your trips

Break all boundaries with our electric vehicle assistance system. Explore, dream and make the best of your trip at every single kilometer. With Witty X, your adventures have no limits.

Charge management

Witty X manages the battery charging process to fit your own needs. By completing the charge only when necessary and avoiding the harmful end-of-charge voltage, Witty X extends your battery lifetime and makes your asset more valuable.

Energy prediction

Witty X predicts the energy consumption of your vehicle's battery, allowing you to easily check if the battery remaining range is enough to reach your destination.
Benefit from a 360-degree management of your trips with Witty X.

EnergyShare Community

Witty X gives you access to an exclusive network of partners that you can use to get the energy your vehicle needs to complete the trip. You can make your trips longer by using existing places in the area, such as bars and restaurants.

More kilometers every day

Thanks to the predictions and the EnergyShare Community, you can enjoy longer trips every day