Digital Transition

Witty SaaS X uses AI and real-time data to manage and plan the electric vehicle charging process at the lower activity hours, thus optimizing activities and avoiding congestion.

Energy management

Witty SaaS X dynamically adjusts the vehicle’s charging power based on energy availability and overall demand by scheduling the charges at the lowest energy cost hours.

Alert System

Witty SaaS X makes sure that the tasks scheduled by the algorithm are correctly executed, by verifying the running time and proper connection between the
battery and its charger.

Operational Optimization

Witty SaaS X's advanced algorithm maximizes productivity by guiding the operational resources in battery picking and loading, optimizes the use of energy resources and manages the vehicle charging in line with the daily forecasts.

Preserve your assets

Through advanced management, our algorithm prevents the battery from lithium wear and tear, thus preserving your assets. Witty SaaS X stops the charging at 80% and completes it at 100% upon picking.